manuscript, voicing, breathing

Since September 2011 I have mostly hermited myself away in order to work on a manuscript of poetry, text/image pieces, performance scores, and biofictions – all around the theme of anatomy as image. I’m happy to say that I am very close to having a manuscript ready to send out to publishers. The project itself is a huge one. Fred Wah pointed out to me last February that it is likely a life work. It seems silly to keep the work squandered away until the entire thing is done so I’m putting what I have into some semblance of order to send out over the next month. One piece—percuss—has been published in Ars Medica (Vol. 8, No. 1. Fall 2011), and another few pieces are forthcoming in Dandelion.

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week 20: and repeat

I am repeating last week’s goals because they are working and I am still working on them.

Goals for the Week: 19-25 May, 2009
1. Days 34-40 of 40-day Sadhana
2. Remain organized
3. Remain calm while working through all that is on my plate.
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week 18: ease of well-being

I would say that last week was quite successful in terms of achieving my goals.

Goals for the Week: 28 April-4 May, 2009
1. Days 13-19 of 40-day Sadhana

Done. Every day. Even while in Regina for a gig. Definitely feeling the effects!

2. Spring Bling Salon prep & cleanup
Done. Lovely evening. Good comments on my work.

3. CC grant application
Done. Did not feel rushed even though it was a bit last-minute. Will find out results in late August.
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weeks 15-17: searching for sattva

The past three weeks have been pretty full: a radio interview, two readings, hiring a new administrator for JackPine, hiring an admin assistant for myself, rehearsing and devising for two projects. I found myself just trying to keep up with what I had on my plate, neglecting sleep, diet, yoga, etc. And surprise surprise, the small digestive discomfort I was having turned into a colitis flare up.

This, of course, prompted some questioning of how I’ve been doing things. In a rather intense session with my counsellor, I came to the realization that I know enough about yoga to really work on balancing my life and most importantly, to work on regaining full health. I’ve started a 40-day Sadhana with the goal of clearing this flareup and working towards balance and health in my day-to-day life.
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week 14: continuation

Typing this from the couch on my new MacBook. I replaced my PowerBook G4 because the reed switch died and it wasn’t doing all I needed it to do anymore. I’m also typing from the couch because I have a chest cold. It hasn’t worn me out completely, but I’m being proactive and laying down at every opportunity.
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week 13: renewal

Last month was pretty hellish: bad weather, illness, mechanical/technological breakdowns, etc. But I’m feeling like I’ve come out on the other end of that now (knock on wood). In a fit of frustration last week I sat down and had a good look at all that I have on my plate. I realized that I’ve been working a regular 8-hour day plus teaching in the evenings. No wonder I’ve been getting ill! Continue reading

week 12: urgh

Last week another fire appeared for me to put out. What I think is a mild colitis flareup appeared and is still a bit active. It’s really tiring me out. My grant report is very close to being done. In fact, I think I’ll go finish it up right now.

This week’s goals:
1. finish susurrations grant report
2. recover

week 11: no more firefighting…

… I hope. I realized that the past 3 or 4 weeks I have spent a lot of time putting out fires. Things have come up that have needed to be dealt with immediately: car repairs, illnesses, computer breakdowns, etc. I am being proactive this week and focussing on one thing:

1. finish susurrations grant report.

That is all.

week 10: full

No new goals this week. It’s Thursday and I’m just getting to this now. On Monday and Tuesday family was visiting from Toronto, which was great! It did mean no time in the studio, but important time was spent. Yesterday was a teaching day and I got my hair cut, and today I started rehearsing with Jaime Williams for the movement/dance/voice piece. The goals from last week will be repeated for tomorrow:

1. Spend 1-2 hours daily on creative work
2. Burn susurrations to DVD (I just need to make copies!)
3. Finish susurrations grant report

until Monday….