As well as being published in the collections below, Lia’s writing has been broadcast on CBC Radio and published in a number of periodicals including Grain, Musicworks, and NeWest Review as well as in the anthologies GUSH: Menstrual Manifestos for our Times, MESS: The Hospital Anthology, Wrestling with the Angel: Women Reclaiming their Lives, Running Barefoot – Women Write the Land and land/space: An Anthology of Prairie Speculative Fiction.

The Hum

The album cover for The Hum. It reads: The Hum. Lia Pas. The image is of Lia's embroidery, "sensorium" with a purple navy tinge and dark purple navy bars on either side. In the centre of some bone white linen, there is a spine in thick satin stitch. Emanating from the spine are thick burgundy lines in an undulant oval shape. This oval is bisected across the middle. In the top half, there is a section outlined in burgundy filled with coiling blue lines and a similar section in the bottom half. The rest of the undulant oval is filled with fine coiling burgundy lines. The spine is very straight, the rest of the embroidery is very coiled and busy. Lia’s initials are stitched in fine thread the same colour as the cloth at the bottom right.

The Hum—a piece of music based on my hyperacusis and tinnitus symptoms. It’s just over 11 minutes long, and is a calm, ambient, and somewhat minimalist piece. Here is a 1 minute, 20 second taste of the recording:

You can buy the entire 11 minute recording on my Ko-fi page as an mp3. And read about my composition process here.

Sharp Notions: Essays from the Stitching Life

A pink book cover that reads: Sharp Notions. Essays from the Stitching Life. Edited by Marita Dachsel and Nancy Lee. Park of a bronchial system done in beige chain stitch with tiny cursive words in red can be seen behind the text.

Personal essays from diverse voices about their relationships to the fibre arts. In this anthology, writers and artists from different backgrounds contemplate their complex relationships with the fibre arts and the intersections of creative practice and identity, technology, memory, climate change, trauma, chronic illness, and disability. Accompanied by full-colour photographs throughout, these powerful and inspiring essays challenge the traditional view of crafting and examine the role, purpose, joy, and necessity of craft amid the alienation of contemporary life. Edited by Marita Dachsel & Nancy Lee. Available from Arsenal Pulp Press.

Lia’s embroidery, she breathed, is the cover art for this anthology and her essay, What is the Body but a Matrix of Threads? and some of her SciArt embroideries are inside the book.


susurrations is a videopoem that explores the anatomical, visceral, metaphysical, and emotional landscape of the heart. Combining scientific and poetic text, organic movement imagery, and rich vocal music, this multi-disciplinary piece invites the viewer to delve into their own visceral and experiential relationship with their heart.

storyboard, text, & music by Lia Pas
some text from Gray’s Anatomy: Descriptive and Applied by Henry Gray. 27th Edition, 1938
camera & lighting by John Thronberg
audio recording & mixing at Froghappy Studios, Saskatoon, by Gilles Zolty

copyright 2009 by Lia Pas
Printed in a limited edition by Plainclothes Press (2010) $10.00
Available from the author.
Watch on vimeo


Ed and Lia Pas have collaboratively created the tale of an uncanny being. Lia’s sound-influenced text and Ed’s surreal drawings recount—with a touch of dark humour—an evocative tale of visceral, organic metamorphosis. An exquisite object, this book includes eighteen colour images with integrated text, printed on cotton rag paper and bound in a Japanese style with waxed linen thread.

Art and design by Ed Pas. Text by Lia Pas.

Published by JackPine Press, 2008. Sold Out.
Tied for second place in the 2008 Alcuin Awards Limited Edition Category for Ed Pas’ book design.

.what is this place we have come to.

The poems in what is this place we have come to are soft incantations, wisps of song and dull-throated sighs. They are whispers, and mantras, made by the wind, or by the narrator’s breath — her inspiration, her delivery of life. In between are the fables and the paean of myth that set a narrative framework behind this ethereal coda. (from book jacket)

Published by Thistledown Press New Leaf Editions, 2003.
$10.00 CAN. 65 pages.
Available from

In vicissitudes Lia Pas explores the acts of conception and birth as metaphysical and initiatory experiences. Using earth-bound as well as mythical imagery, she charts the steps of a woman on this path of mothering beyond the purely physical. The book is hand bound in linen thread with a handmade Nepalese Lotka paper cover, vellum-like endpapers and textured text pages with some coloured type, and drawings by Lia Pas as well.

Design by Ed Pas and Tanya Norman.

Published by Underwhich Editions in a limited edition of 100 in 2001.
$15.00 CAN. 14 pages.
Available from the author.