week 19: overwhelm

How is it possible that I become so busy that all I can do is keep up with my yoga practice and what I have coming up within the week? I am frustrated by this.

Last week’s goals and report:

Goals for the Week: 5-11 May, 2009
1. Days 20-26 of 40-day Sadhana

Done. I think this is what is keeping me sane.
2. Keep to my daily creative habits
Didn’t get to this – didn’t get to this because of all the things on my plate at the moment. Frustrated by this.
3. Catch up with JackPine work
Did this.

Am wrestling with scheduling & anxiety. Not a good combination. The yoga is necessary. So necessary.

Goals for the Week: 12-18 May, 2009
1. Days 27-33 of 40-day Sadhana
2. Remain organized
3. Remain calm while working through all that is on my plate.

Ongoing Projects
colloquy with Jaime Williams
– KC web project
– JackPine
– anatomy ms.
– Mantra project with James Wyper
– free flow dance project
susurrations dissemination

Long-Term Goals
– create clarity in my house/work space
– New Music Ensemble