2 aspects of prairie: ground beneath grass (for piano), space above plains (for organ) (1993)
Dance of the Rowan Nawab. piano (1991)
flow after….Into the moon. hammered dulcimer or keyboard (1992)
The Hum. Recording. Piano and synthesizer (2024)


3 Scenes: out in waves, matins, dance in the ghats. voice & piano (2001)
a small piece of sky. voices, variable # of performers (2009)
Astavakra Gita. SAB Choir (2010)
Baba Yaga’s Hut. 2 actors/singers; 1 movement artist (2002)
Blessed Be. A solstice carol. SA Choir (1996). SAT Choir version (2009).
blood’s bowls. voice & keyboard (1996)
Cosmic Egg. 4 female voices (1992)
dance together. voice & keyboard (1996)
Descent of Inanna. Chorus: 3 female voices, 2-3 female leads, 1 male (non-speaking role), prerecorded accompaniment (2001)
Desire to Sound. voices, variable # of performers (2010)
Facets: For Gary Day. Countertenor, oboe (1994)
Fihi ma Fihi (It Is What It Is). Dance opera with La Caravan Dance Theatre (2015)
Godlike Flight. alto & tenor/baritone voices (1993)
Golden Face. piano & voice or voice and string quartet (1992)
I & I. voice & keyboard (1998)
In the far reach of night. duet: soprano & alto voices (1991)
Inanna Chant. 3 female voices, variable # of performers (2000)
My Small Dark One. voice & keyboard (1992)
portal vein. voice & keyboard (2006)
Sleep in fire and rain. 3 performers: voice and sound effects (1992)
So the Spirit Speaks in dreams. 2 performers, voice, toms/voice (1993)
sweet heart beat. 1-5 voices (2006)
tongues in 7. 2 or 3 female voices (2006)
Triatrix Chant (maiden, mother, crone). 2 voices, variable # of performers (1994)
veld. duet: soprano & alto voices (1994)
when need comes near (for yula). soprano or alto voice and keyboard (2010)


3 Scenes: out in waves, matins, dance in the ghats. violin & piano (1999)
Beachplace. piano 4 hands, trumpet, voice (1993)
Beams Bright the Ice. marimba & 5 female voices (3 alto, 2 soprano) (1991)
bone/bowl festival dance. 3 performers: sets of bones or bowl gongs or clapping (1997)
Gzugs (body). trumpet, alto voice, bass voice, brass bowl (2001)
Kali: I Destroyer, II Preserver, III Creator. flute/alto flute, cello, piano (1993)
knowing. spoken female voice, soprano sax (or clarinet or flute), electric guitar (or viola or violin), piano, percussion (1994)
Mandara – a place for seeing. chamber orchestra: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 bassons, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass (1992)
openings. violin, oboe, alto voice, piano (1986)
Parameters. Eb Baritone sax (1992)
Purple Snake: I sprialling (nestled in the warm womb), II Kundalini, III ophion. string quartet (1993)
Reaching Towards Thunder. violin, oboe, flute, cello (1989)
Shadows Fractured into Light. violin and piano (1988)
Small Waltz. solo oboe (1992)
soft hills in gold. duet: oboe, basson (1992)
Suspended pipes. suspended pipes (1991)
The Wind that Took Me Here. 4 flutes, oboe, piano (1992)