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Over the holidays I read Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit. It’s a book geared towards creative individuals that encourages them to look at their work habits closely in order to create ones that serve the work they want to do. The last five years have been a whirlwind for me, and since recovering from such a long illness and being (happily) thrown into a new cyclone of work last fall, I’ve found that I had lost a lot of the creative habits I had in place before we moved to Japan in 2003.

So it’s time to create some new ones. For the New Year I’ve made a morning routine that I think may serve my work well, and plan to blog in here weekly about my projects and goals. This blog became a promotional tool last year, which I am enjoying, but I also feel it’s not really fulfilling my vision of what I’d like the blog to be, which is a document of not only the work I do, but some of the processes I go through to do the work I do.

As a template for these weekly goal-setting blogs, I’m using my own version of Carol Lloyd’s “partnering worksheet” from her wonderful book Creating A Life Worth Living, which, if you don’t feel quite ready to deal with what Tharp asks of you, has a slightly less steep learning curve on how to set up a life where creative work is of prime importance. I have used this partnering worksheet on my own and with others in the past, but for whatever reason, feel that it’s time to go public with this sort of work.

What I want out of this is a public statement of “this is what I’m working on and here’s how I’m planning on going about it”, which I hope will create a sense of realism about my goals because I am very good at setting unreasonable ones. It will also make my process public, which shifts me from doing my work in a vacuum, to me doing my work in a public forum, no matter how many hours I spend alone in my studio.

So here we go….
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Tonight it’s Poetry – Issue #23

I’m the featured reader at the first Tonight it’s Poetry of 2009.

Sunday, January 4, 2009
8:00pm – 10:45pm
259 Second Avenue South
Saskatoon, SK

emerging readers are:

Cy Gerard
Gabriel Mansuy
Tara Stadnyk
and Lisa Johnson

and will feature local multidisciplinary artist/poet Lia Pas.

I’ll be reading from my 3 books, Husk, what is this place we have come to, and vicissitudes, singing a bit, and sharing parts of my film-in-progress, “susurrations”.

The facebook event can be found here.

about the mouth – concert – Dec 15, 2008

about the mouth is a cabaret-style concert of new and improvised vocal works. Lia Pas and Helen Pridmore, singers trained in extended vocal techniques, will perform an hour-long concert of compositions written by Lia Pas and John Cage, improv-based scores by Helen Pridmore and Lia Pas, and a bit of Klingon Opera thrown in for good measure.

Please join us at Lydia’s Loft for this exciting evening of drinks and exploration.

Monday, December 15, 2008
Lydia’s Loft – Saskatoon
admission by donation
cash bar

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Husk – launch 18 June 2008

Husk, a collaborative chapbook project by Ed Pas (who I happen to be married to) and I, is being launched by JackPine Press 18 June 2008 in Saskatoon.


Husk is a being, a voice, a page that turns, a seed, a transformation. In Husk, Ed and Lia Pas have collaboratively created the tale of an uncanny being. Lia’s sound-influenced text and Ed’s surreal drawings recount—with a touch of dark humour—an evocative tale of visceral, organic metamorphosis.

An exquisite object, this book includes eighteen colour images with integrated text, printed on cotton rag paper and bound in a Japanese style with waxed linen thread.

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