manuscript, voicing, breathing

Since September 2011 I have mostly hermited myself away in order to work on a manuscript of poetry, text/image pieces, performance scores, and biofictions – all around the theme of anatomy as image. I’m happy to say that I am very close to having a manuscript ready to send out to publishers. The project itself is a huge one. Fred Wah pointed out to me last February that it is likely a life work. It seems silly to keep the work squandered away until the entire thing is done so I’m putting what I have into some semblance of order to send out over the next month. One piece—percuss—has been published in Ars Medica (Vol. 8, No. 1. Fall 2011), and another few pieces are forthcoming in Dandelion.

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a shift for fall

I realized this spring that in my excitement of my return to health I had taken on too much. I was overworked and burnt out. I had no time for friends, no time for our house, no time for my own creative work. I mapped out what I had been doing and knew that something needed to be dropped: Yoga teaching.

I’ve been teaching yoga for most of the past 13 years, initially starting my teacher training because it was something I felt passionate about doing, and there was something about oboe teaching that was dragging me down. I’ve loved the yoga teaching, but it is physically and sometimes emotionally intense work. I knew I had reached yoga teacher burnout when my own practice became more about class planning than svadyaya (self-study).
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Canada – month 1

I’ve been back in Canada for a month as of today. A month that has been a total blur. I had lovely plans of 7-day weekends, reading books, watching movies we had missed in Japan, sewing skirts from antique kimono I had brought back, etc. All lovely relaxing things. In reality, I am only on book 4 of the Dune series, have watched a total of 3.5 movies, and haven’t touched the sewing machine, let alone unpacked the antique kimono. Actually, I haven’t even totally finished unpacking my suitcase!
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Health, Physicality, and Mind Space – not necessarily in that order

Well, I haven’t blogged for awhile. If you’ve been reading Ed’s blog you know we’ve been insanely packing and dealing with all the paperwork that comes with leaving Japan. I’ve been going to work for half days and whipping through what I think may be the last of the paperwork. Now – cleaning, packing, cleaning, and more cleaning. I hope that everything we have left fits into our suitcases!

Ed and I are having very different experiences regarding leaving our jobs here. I can’t wait to leave – it’s definitely time for me to get back to my creative work and to having a brain. There are too many things in a Japanese office that go counter to my ideals for me to stay another year. Ed has said he’d be happy to stay another year, but not with me being so miserable.
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