Note: Since 2016 I have shifted my practice from primarily performance-based work to fibre arts and writing due to becoming disabled by chronic illness

2006 Master of Arts in Devised Theatre. Dartington College of Arts, Totnes, Devon, UK
– Show: splanchnologies. Five short pieces of “sung physical theatre” based of the theme of anatomy.
– Dissertation: The Liminal Phase in Contemporary Music Theatre/Total Theatre.
Activities: Active with Music Department in performing pieces by Andriessen, Glass, and Reich; Co-director of final vocal theatre undergraduate presentation; Trained in Suzuki, Feldenkrais and Alexander techniques.
1995 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours in Music (Great Distinction). York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Composition; improvisation; New Music performance on oboe & piano; Karnatak (South Indian) music with a focus on voice.

2011 In(ter)ventions: Writing at the Edge. Resident artist (2 weeks). The Banff Centre. Banff AB.
2010 In(ter)ventions: Literary Practice at the Edge conference. Attendee. The Banff Centre. Banff, AB.
2009 Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild Winter Colony at St. Peter’s Abbey. Muenster, SK.
2002 Sage Hill Fall Poetry Colloquium with Erin Mouré (3 weeks). St. Peter’s Abbey. Muenster, SK.
1995 Sage Hill Writing Experience: Poetry Workshop with Di Brandt (1 week). St. Michael’s Retreat. Lumsden, SK.

1994-2015 Roy Hart Voice Work with Richard Armstrong.
– International Voice Workshops, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, AB. Advanced (10 days), 2015. Advanced (included participating in the filming of a documentary on Armstrong’s teaching) [11 days], 2014. Advanced [10 days], 2012. Advanced [10 days], 2008. Advanced [10 days], 2001. Intermediate [5 days], 2000. Introductory [3 days], 1999.).
– One-on-one training sessions (3 days), New York, USA. 2002.
– Autumn Leaf Performance Professional Development Workshop (2 days), Toronto, ON. 1994.
2014 The Living Object: Puppetry and Manipulation of Everyday Objects, led by Viktor Lukawski and Nicholas De Gaetano from the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Persephone Theatre (2 days), Saskatoon, SK.
2010-2011 – Breakthrough Acting classes with Tom Bentley Fisher. Tant per Tant Theatre Company. Saskatoon, SK.
2006 Choreographic Theatre Workshops with Enrique Pardo. – Pantheatre Summer University (12 days) included sessions with Linda Wise. Roy Hart Centre, Malérargues, France; Giving Voice Festival (3 days), Centre for Performance Research, Aberystwyth, Wales.

2019-present Member of S.E.W. (The Society for Embroidered Work)
Juried member of S.E.W.: An international society founded in 2018 by Cat Frampton and Emily Tull to promote and support embroidery artists.
2022 The Body Electric: annual digital exhibit at the International Conference on Residency Education
Three paresthesia symptomatology embroideries shown digitally as part of the live digital exhibit and in the online catalogue. Curated by Dr. Allison Crawford.
2021 Keppel Health Review Spring edition. Artist Spotlight: Lia Pas
Interviewed by Po Ruby. Interview published online with nine of my embroideries.
2021 Kindred Cities: Halloween Edition
Seven embroideries published online aside a poem by Jennifer Sparrowhawk:  Love Sanguine: A Sick Fairytale.
MEAction: #MillionsMissing Artist Salon
Presented some of my symptomatology embroideries live during a Zoom artist salon as an invited featured artist.
sensorium purchased for SKArts permanent collection
Embroidery purchased and an interview about my fibre arts work published on the SKArts website. 
TEDxDeerfield. Brianne Benness presentation: Disease Begins Before Diagnosis
paresthesia (hand 1) featured as one of Brianne’s slides.
Art the Science Blog: Creators – Lia Pas
Online interview and gallery of the following pieces: Stills from video works susurrations and ossa . ora, photos of embroidery pieces nave of vibration, sensorium, neuraesthenia, woman in skull, body map, she breathed, and paresthesia (face). December 26, 2019.
2019 MEAction: Postcards to Doctors Featured Artist: Lia Pas
Online interview and gallery of the following embroidery pieces: body map, parethesia (hand 1), paresthesia (face), neuraesthenia, lumen: the cell (wip), sensorium, paresthesia (tongue 2), and push, pull, & tingle. November 25, 2019.
2019 @womensart1 Twitter feature
Short bio and images of two embroidery pieces in a high visibility Tweet. November 24, 2019.
2019 Action for M.E.: Lia Pas -— finding creativity in the symptoms
Online interview and gallery two embroidery pieces. August 28, 2019.
2019 The Cardiff Review online magazine: The Anatomy Series
Online essay by Lia Pas and gallery of five embroidery pieces. August 4, 2019.
2019 M.E.Action Postcards to Doctors
My embroidery piece body map was chosen as one of four images printed on postcards as part of M.E.Action’s advocacy campaign inviting doctors across the United States to attend information sessions on myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Spring-summer 2019.
2019 Blanket Sea online magazine: Art by Lia Pas
Online interview and gallery of five embroidery pieces. March 20, 2019.
2018 Synaesthesia online magazine: Featured Artist: Lia Pas
Online interview and gallery of four embroidery pieces. January 25, 2018.
2017 Guest host on @IAmSciArt Twitter account
Wrote and shared Tweets on the @IAmSciArt rocur Twitter account as an invited guest artist. Posted about my practice as it pertains to science-informed art including posting many of my embroidery & multidisciplinary pieces. November 26-December 1, 2017.
1992-2008 Costume & set design & creation
Designed and made costumes and some fibre-based set pieces for my multidisciplinary performance and video pieces including Mother Maker (1992), The Descent of Inanna (2001), Baba Yaga’s Hut (2002), and susurrations (2008).

2008 Husk (text by Lia Pas, art and design by Ed Pas) chapbook published by JackPine Press (Saskatoon, SK) in an edition of 75 handmade copies. Tied for 2nd place in the 2008 Alcuin Awards Limited Edition Category for Ed Pas’ book design.
2003 what is this place we have come to (poetry) published by Thistledown Press (Saskatoon, SK) as part of their New Leaf Series. Edited by Shelley Leedahl.
2001 vicissitudes (a poem cycle of 10 poems) published as a handmade chapbook by Underwhich Editions (Toronto, ON and Saskatoon, SK) in an edition of 100 copies.

2012 Anchoress written in 2003. A play set in 1120 in an anchorhold. Directed by Donna Challis. Performed by Battlefords Community Players at The Dekker Center, North Battleford, SK.

Forthcoming 2023 What is the Body but a Matrix of Threads?
In the anthology Sharp Notions: Essays on the Stitching Life edited by Marita Dachsel and Nancy Lee. To be published in 2023 with Arsenal Pulp Press.
When Illness Becomes the Way: Stoicism as a Way through Chronic Illness and Disability. Won First Prize in Classical Wisdom’s Stoic Essay Writing Contest. Published in their subscription magazine, Litterae, in December 2021 and then on their website in spring 2022. Some of my embroidery pieces were published alongside the essay.
Meaning Making / Making Meaning :: In Corpore Sano presents Lia Pas
Online essay about shifting my creative practice due to disability and a gallery of seven embroidery pieces. February 6, 2019.
MESS: the hospital anthology edited by Julie Devaney & David Molenhuis: “lumen 1 – the cell“ (image/text), “Small Beginnings” (personal essay), Tightrope Books.
2000 Wrestling with the Angel: Women Reclaiming their Lives edited by Caterina Edwards and Kay Stewart: personal essay “births”. Red Deer Press.

2018 GUSH: Menstrual Manifestos for our Times
Edited by Tanis MacDonald, Rosanna Deerchild, and Ariel Gordon: text/image piece“The Hollow Body“. Frontenac House.
2014 The Body Electric: Medicine & Technology digital exhibit
My text/image piece percuss (lumen 10) surface anatomy shown digitally at the International Conference of Residency Education in Toronto, ON and subsequently published in that year’s Ars Medica: A Journal of Medicine, The Arts, and Humanities.
2014 MESS: the hospital anthology edited by Julie Devaney & David Molenhuis: “lumen 1 – the cell“ (image/text), “Small Beginnings” (personal essay), Tightrope Books.
2012 Ars Medica, Vol. 8, No.1, “percuss” (text/image piece)
– The Capilano Review, 40th Anniversary Edition, Issue 3.17, “Vesalius – Skullcap” (text/image piece).
– Dandelion: Performance/MACHINE Issue 37.2, “lungs skulled”, “a tender & violent duet”, “lumen 3: the skull” (image/text), and “a tender & violent duet” (recording).
– why I want you. Lyrics written for Didier Monge’s composition. France 
2011 Shortlisted for Matrix Litpop Poetry award; The Society, “hotate” (poem) Edited by Taylor Moisan (St. Peters College); Residue: participants of the In(ter)ventions: Writing on the Edge residency of the Banff Centre. “eyebone” (poem) Banff Centre for the Arts.
2007 W12: The All-Music Issue: “portal vein” for voice and piano. Text and mp3 of live recording from MA show published online.
2006 Synapse (UK & USA)
2005 spring, Edited by Hilary Clark (SK); Synapse (UK & USA); Heso (Japan)
2002 land/space: An Anthology of Prairie Speculative Fiction, Edited by Candas Jane Dorsey & Judy McCrosky (Tesseract Books); Sage Hill Writing Experience Website alumni section; Howlin’ Literations: An Anthology of Writing Presented at the 2002 Her-icane Dorothy Arts Festival (25th Street Theatre Inc.)
note: list of earlier publications available upon request.

2009-2010 Member, Editorial Collective, JackPine Press.
May-November 2008 Online mentor for the League of Canadian Poets website. Commented on poetry uploaded to website by young poets.
1996-2003 Editorial Advisor, Musicworks magazine.
1991-1993 Member, Editorial Collective, Existence Magazine (York University).

2012 Reader/performer at launch of Transforium by Mari-Lou Rowley and Tammy Lu, Jackpine Press launch at PAVEDarts, November 24, 2012; Guest poet at launch of Melanie Schnell’s novel While The Sun Is Above Us. McNally Robinson BookSellers, Saskatoon. April 30, 2012.
2010 Grey Borders Reading Series. St. Catherines, ON. November 26, 2010.
2009 Featured poet at Tonight it’s Poetry. Flint, Saskatoon; LCP (W)rites of Spring. Flint, Saskatoon; “Mantra” paintings by James Wyper and poetry by Lia Pas. Willow Studio. Saskatoon.
2008 LCP (W)rites of Spring. Beily’s, Saskatoon; LCP poetry without borders. Amigo’s, Saskatoon; Featured poet at Tonight it’s Poetry. Flint, Saskatoon; JackPine Press summer launch. Saskatoon.
2007 Her-icane festival reading at McNally Robinson.
2003 Book Launch for Land/Space: An Anthology of Prairie Speculative Fiction. McNally Robinson’s Biblio Bistro.
note: list of earlier readings available upon request.

2022 Interviewed by Jason Osler for 4-minute CBC radio piece on brown noise
Syndicated nationally to various local CBC stations. Piece starts at 1:01:50  on this show:
2010 Voicing workshops breathe new life into your health and self-esteem. Article and interview on Voicing classes at Free Flow Dance Studio. Written by Pamela Irving for SP Creative Services. Published by The Saskatoon Star Phoenix Wellness Magazine, Saskatoon, SK.
2004 Short autobiography published in Saskatchewan Writers: Lives Past and Present. Published by The Canadian Plains Research Centre. Regina, SK.
2001 Feature article about Her-icane festival of women’s art in Saskatoon Star Phoenix. Featured interview about The Descent of Inanna. Published by The Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Saskatoon, SK.
2001 Review of vicissitudes by Alexis Keinlan in The Broken Pencil Review Number 16.

2022 Lucky Penny Opera pitch & accessibility project
Wrote a pitch for a 10-minute opera based on their 2021 48-hour opera project including some libretto and a 1-minute composition. Also consulted with them about accessibility needs for their future projects. 
Listen Up! Online Showcase via Canadian New Music Network
A 5-minute excerpt of susurrations was presented online on CNMN’s social media and YouTube channel along with short pieces by other sound artists.
The Body Electric Retrospective: Digital Compassion
Featured in online retrospective of past exhibitions (2014-2020) presented at the International Conference of Residency Education. Online catalog: Interview with Dr. Allison Crawford shown at conference and excerpt posted on YouTube.
2019 Art the Science Blog: Creators – Lia Pas
Online interview and gallery of the following pieces: Stills from video works susurrations and ossa . ora, photos of embroidery pieces nave of vibration, sensorium, neuraesthenia, woman in skull, body map, she breathed, and paresthesia (face). December 26, 2019.
2015-16 Fihi ma Fihi Dance Opera: Librettist/Composer
La Caravan Dance Theatre (Calgary, AB). Artistic Director/ Choreographer: Maya Lewandowsky. (Note: I was initially going to perform as part of this show but became ill during show development in August 2015.) Premiere run June 8-11, 2016 at Theatre Junction Grand in Calgary, AB. One show at Tabestoon Festival, August 13, 2016, Calgary, AB.
2015 The Body Electric: Transformation
My videopoem susurrations presented at the International Conference of Residency Education. Vancouver, BC. October 2015.
give me the taste of earth
A piece of text/vocal sound/movement work with Saskatoon-based dancer/choreographer Tina Bertoncini. Text and music by Lia Pas. Performed work-in-progress at New Dance Horizons’ Blueprints series (April 2015, Regina, SK).
2014 Chair. Table. Book.
PAVED arts’ CORE series. 20-minute composition by Lia Pas for oboe, double bass, voice (spoken & sung) and new electroacoustic instruments (built by Ellen Moffat) based on texts from Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons. Performed by members of the Saskatoon Symphony Core Players, Ellen Moffat on new electroacoustic instruments, and Lia Pas on voice accompanied by live video programming by Ellen Moffat. November 7-8, 2014. Saskatoon, SK. Supported by a grant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board.
2014 ossa . ora
– Solo performance with voice, live-looping of music, projections of photos and animated text. Music composition, performance, photos, text, and text animations by Lia Pas. Cathedral Village Arts Festival Get Lit Cabaret. May 22. Regina, SK. Blueprints series (New Dance Horizons) April 13. Regina, SK.
– Directed workshop version of ossa . ora as a choral piece as part of the Advanced Level International Voice Workshop with Richard Armstrong. Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, AB. June 2014.
2011 performance/MACHINE. Collaborative performance with members of the In(ter)ventions 2011 residency: Leo Genji Amino, Liat Berdugo, Kathleen Brown, Eliese Goldbach, Donna Fierle, Sonja Greckol, Erin Robinsong. &Now Festival, San Diego. October 2011.
2011 uncanny machine. Collaborative performance with Free Flow Dance Theatre including “a tender and violent duet”. (Performance, score and music by Lia Pas, choreography by Jackie Latendresse). susurrations (film and live vocals by Lia Pas) and “portal vein” (text, music and live piano/voice performance by Lia Pas). Saskatoon, SK.
2009 susurrations A 10-minute inter-disciplinary video piece exploring the heart. Text, music and image conceived and performed by Lia Pas. Part of splanchnologies, a series of performance pieces based on anatomy. Screenings:’s “Assembledge: a found poem” (Regina, SK); Tonight It’s Poetry (Saskatoon, SK); Health, Embodiment and Visual Culture conference. McMaster University (Hamilton, ON). November 20, 2010. – Printed in an edition of 100 copies by Plainclothes Press. Saskatoon, SK. Featured on Street Anatomy Curator: Vanessa Ruiz
2008 Klingon Terran Research Ensemble – Five-day performance research residency at the Watermill Center, NY. Directed by Floris Schönfeld and Thomas Johannsen. Was one of six performers researching through improvisation the vocal sounds and forms of Klingon Opera. Research used towards the opera, “U”.
2001-2002 Baba Yaga’s Hut – Conceived, created, wrote, composed and produced Baba Yaga’s Hut, a multi-disciplinary telling of the Russian Folktale “Vasalisa the Wise.” Performed 7 shows at three different venues in Saskatoon, SK including the Saskatoon Fringe Festival.
1999-2001 The Descent of Inanna – Conceived, created, wrote, composed and produced The Descent of Inanna, a performance piece/ritual enactment of the Sumerian myth. Co-writer/choreographer: Paulette Bibeau. Director: Beata Van Berkom. Cast of 9 including Lia Pas and Paulette Bilbeau. Performed 6 shows at three different venues in Saskatoon, SK.

2007-2009 60×60 project: “between” for voice (text) and electronics (2007). “interchange” for voice and electronics (2008). “cavea” for voice (2009). Vox Novus Music, NY.
1996-2010 Performed own compositions as voice/keyboard soloist at various venues in

2011 Free Flow Dance Company commissioned by New Dance Horizons “a tender and violent duet”. Performance, score and soundscapes by Lia Pas, choreography by Jackie Latendresse. Premiered March 6, 2011 at MAGDance, Bluenote Series, Regina, SK.
2009 – 2011 Mysterium Choir. Director, Vocal Coach, Soloist, and Composer with Mysterium Choir – A choir of ten-plus singers whose mandate was to perform meditative and innovative music. Founded by Angie Tysseland.
2010 Improvised music performances with Lia Pas (voice), Ken Aldcroft (electric guitar), Chris Cawthray (percussion), Chrstine Duncan (voice) and other performers. Somewhere There and The Central. (Toronto, ON). November 27-29, 2010.
2009 Free Flow Dance Company “a small piece of sky” for three moving voices. Back Alley Antics III. Saskatoon, SK.
2001-2003 aBANDon. Writer, Composer, Vocalist and Keyboardist with aBANDon – New Music/sound poetry/improvisation ensemble with Steven Ross Smith (voice), and Chris Cawthray (percussion).
note: list of other group projects available upon request

2009-2018 a small piece of sky for variable numbers and types of instruments
Performed as a chamber music piece at the Regina Symphony Orchestra’s Voices of Canada concerts. January 28-29, 2017. Regina, SK.
– Performed as part of the Regina Symphony Orchestra’s performances in Regina schools during the 2017-2018 school year.
– Performed as a chamber music piece at Ritornello Chamber Music Festival and at MoSoFest. May 2015. Saskatoon, SK.
Performed by the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra as part of their fall retreat. Directed by Richard Carnegie. 28 September 2014. Saskatoon, SK.
– Performed by the SSO core players (flute, oboe, bassoon, viola, double bass) accompanied by a short film, i, by Jennifer Sparrowhawk. CORE III concert at PAVED arts. Saskatoon, SK. Winter, 2013. Subsequently recorded a voice and piano version to accompany Sparrowhawk’s film.
– Commissioned by Free Flow Dance Company for three moving voices. Premiered at Back Alley Antics III. Summer 2009, Saskatoon, SK.
2015 Prairie Solo – a look back
Three compositions for piano by Lia Pas to accompany a solo dance piece by Jackie Latendresse. Set design by Mark Eriksson. Part of the 20th anniversary year of Free Flow Dance Theatre. November, 2015. Saskatoon, SK.
2014-2015 Piano and vocal score & recording for Listening to the Past/Listening to the Future, a film installation by Amalie Atkins. Installation was a new piece for Amalie Atkins: we live on the edge of disaster and imagine we are in a musical solo show at MacKenzie Art Gallery 1 February to 14 June 2014, Regina, SK and in Wundermärchen at the Kenderdine Art Gallery 16 June to 7 August 2015, Saskatoon, SK.
2010-2011 tongues in 7
Performed by Juice vocal trio. BBC Broadcast of May 12, 2010 performance, Sounds New Festival, Canterbury, UK.
2009-2011 Compositions performed by Mysterium Choir: Blessed Be; Astavakra Gita; Desire to Sound.
2000 Saskatoon Symphony Festival of New Music. Saskatoon, SK. – Pieces Performed: Mandara: a place for seeing for chamber orchestra premiere; Golden Face for voice and string quartet premiere; Cosmic Egg for 4 female voices. – Panelist at Composer’s Colloquium.
1999 Saskatoon Symphony Festival of New Music. Saskatoon, SK. – Purple Snake for string quartet: I spiralling (nestled in the warm womb), II ophion, III kundalini premiere. – Produced Saskatoon Composers’ Performance Society concert – Panelist at Composer’s Panel.

2007-2009 60×60 project: between for voice (text) and electronics (2007). interchange for voice and electronics (2008). cavea for voice (2009). Vox Novus Music, NY.
2007 portal vein for voice and piano. Text and mp3 of live recording from MA show published in W12: The All-Music Issue. Kootenay School of Writing. Vancouver, B.C.
2000 No Where Else. Improvised, co-recorded and co-mixed DUCT track on Revolutions 2000: a compilation of Saskatchewan sound works produced by Steve Heimbecker (Qube Assemblage Audio) and Video Vérité.
1999 galvanized. Full-length audio CD. An Underwhich Audiographic of free improvisations produced by DUCT and distributed by Underwhich Editions.

2011 tongues in 7 performed by Juice vocal trio. BBC Broadcast of May 12, 2010 performance, Sounds New Festival, Canterbury, UK.
2003 Kali for flute/alto flute/piccolo, cello, and piano, recorded April 17, 2003 at Regina Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival subsequently broadcast on CBC Radio One (540 AM) and CBC Radio Two (105.5 FM)
2000 Poetry and Music “Poetry Postcard” broadcast nationally on CBC Radio Two’s “Out of the Blue.”

2015 Private voice coach for Masters in English student Colin Gibbings’ live performance of The Canterbury Tales in Old English. Supervisor: Peter Robinson. University of Saskatchewan.
Music Director: Coram Boy
Directed music for University of Saskatchewan Drama Department’s production of Coram Boy featuring the music of Handel’s Messiah. Included teaching vocal parts by ear to drama students who could not read music and recording keyboard parts. Production directed by Natasha Martina. 
Sessional Lecturer: Drama 362—Voice & Speech
Taught vocal technique to third year drama majors as part of their studio classes for one semester. University of Saskatchewan.
Consultant for Make Your Mark a dance theatre piece choreographed by Jackie Latendresse. Saskatoon, SK.
2012 Taught 1-day Voicing Workshop: Resonance, Free Flow Dance Centre, Saskatoon, SK. “Voicing: Resonance” article published in FLIGHT: A Living, Breathing Document of Consciousness, Volume 1 Issue 9. Editor: Trent Deerhorn, Saskatoon, SK.
2002-2012 Taught weekly Voicing classes exploring movement and voice. Free Flow Dance Centre (2009-2012), Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre (2002-2005), Saskatoon, SK.
2010 Taught 1-day voice workshop for Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Saskatoon, SK.
2007 Voice Instructor. Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company’s Circle of Voices Program. Saskatoon, SK.
2002 Voice workshop leader. Native Theatre School Summer Intensive. Saskatoon, SK.
2001 Facilitated devising of composition, graphic scoring, recording, and mixing of soundscape for 15 children, Part of The Water Babies Project, an initiative of the 25th St. Theatre Centre.

2003-present: League of Canadian Poets Full Member: 2007-present, Associate Member: 2003-2007
1999-present: SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada) Member
1988-2012: Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild Member: 1988-1991, 1995-2005, 2007-2012. Secretary, Board of Directors: 2000-2001
2006-2012: Centre for Performance Research Member

Saskatchewan Arts Board
2014: Music Established Professional Artist Grant ($8150) to compose music for Book. Chair. Table.
2010: Literary Established Mid-Career Project Grant ($8600) to complete a manuscript of poetry and performance scores centred around the theme of anatomy.
2008: Multidisciplinary Established Mid-Career Project Grant ($7000) to create susurrations, a multi- disciplinary video piece about the heart combining text, music and imagery related to personal experience with illness.
2005: Multidisciplinary Professional Development C Grant ($3000) to help defray costs towards MA in Devised Theatre at Dartington College of Arts.
2001: Multidisciplinary Professional Development C Grant ($1938) to attend Sage Hill Fall Poetry Colloquium with Erin Mouré and Advanced Level International Voice Workshop with Richard Armstrong.
1999: Inter-Disciplinary Travel Grant ($500) to attend Beginner Level International Voice Workshop with Richard Armstrong at the Banff Centre for the Arts.
1996: Literary C Grant ($2000) to complete poetry manuscript. Published by Thistledown Press November 2003 as what is this place we have come to.

Canada Council for the Arts
2011: Literary Arts Travel Grant ($750) to travel to Banff Centre for the Arts to participate in In(ter)ventions Residency.
2008 and 2001: Inter-Arts Travel Grants ($500 each) to travel to Banff Centre for the Arts in order to participate in the Advanced Level International Voice workshop with Richard Armstrong.