week 20: and repeat

I am repeating last week’s goals because they are working and I am still working on them.

Goals for the Week: 19-25 May, 2009
1. Days 34-40 of 40-day Sadhana
2. Remain organized
3. Remain calm while working through all that is on my plate.
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week 18: ease of well-being

I would say that last week was quite successful in terms of achieving my goals.

Goals for the Week: 28 April-4 May, 2009
1. Days 13-19 of 40-day Sadhana

Done. Every day. Even while in Regina for a gig. Definitely feeling the effects!

2. Spring Bling Salon prep & cleanup
Done. Lovely evening. Good comments on my work.

3. CC grant application
Done. Did not feel rushed even though it was a bit last-minute. Will find out results in late August.
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