Voicing Classes at Free Flow Dance Centre

Voicing classes are designed to help you enhance the range, depth, power and resonance of your voice. Using games, exercises, text, movement, improvisation, and song, these classes are recommended for everyone interested in singing, acting, public speaking, or just being comfortable with your voice and how you use it. Lia’s voice teaching is based on her performance and composition work as well as her experiences studying Roy Hart Voice Work, a technique which connects the body, the voice, and the psyche in a healthy and holistic manner. These classes are geared towards adults at all levels of voice experience, from beginners to professional singers, actors, and speakers.

Thursdays, 5:15-6:15pm
September 17-November 12, 2009
Free Flow Dance Centre (224 – 25th Street West – at Avenue C – Saskatoon, SK)
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week 20: and repeat

I am repeating last week’s goals because they are working and I am still working on them.

Goals for the Week: 19-25 May, 2009
1. Days 34-40 of 40-day Sadhana
2. Remain organized
3. Remain calm while working through all that is on my plate.
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week 18: ease of well-being

I would say that last week was quite successful in terms of achieving my goals.

Goals for the Week: 28 April-4 May, 2009
1. Days 13-19 of 40-day Sadhana

Done. Every day. Even while in Regina for a gig. Definitely feeling the effects!

2. Spring Bling Salon prep & cleanup
Done. Lovely evening. Good comments on my work.

3. CC grant application
Done. Did not feel rushed even though it was a bit last-minute. Will find out results in late August.
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