Fihi ma Fihi at Calgary’s Tabestoon Festival

La Caravan Performs Fihi Ma Fihi at the Tabestoon Festival
2 pm Aug. 13, 2016
Theatre Junction Grand Calgary
fihi ma fihi Tabestoon festival

La Caravan is thrilled to announce that we will be performing in this year’s Tabestoon Festival.

Performance will be Saturday, August 13 @ 2pm at Theatre Junction Grand.

Here’s what one viewer said abut ‘Fihi Ma Fihi’:

“This is not a simple expression of dualities—it is a bringing to the viewer a manifestation of the interpretive power of music, dance, light, and colour of that which even great mystical language can only imply. Maya Lewandowsky brings deeply felt and understood knowledge, not just of the arts to this production. Only one who lives these transformations could have conceived, developed, and performed this work.”

More about the piece, my libretto, and my music can be found here.

More about the Tabestoon Festival…
August 12 & 13
in Downtown Calgary

Tabestoon Festival is anything but the ordinary summer festival one might expect in Calgary… As well as La Caravan Dance Theatre, the Tabestoon Festival is featuring many highly acclaimed international performers as well as free daytime events for the whole family.

Find out more here!

Tabestoon Festival (/tah-bes-toon/ – /ˈtʌ bɜːs tuːn/; ‘Summer’ in Farsi) is a vibrant and diverse multi-platform artistic festival devoted to fostering the rich creative tastes of the new generation of Iranian youth in North American diaspora communities, aiming to radically reimagine artistic innovation and unite people by spreading love and joy.