Specialization in Performance – Why?

In my recovery I’ve been reading a lot: online and books. I am trying to keep up with my “professional” reading as well as some reading for enjoyment. However, being a multidisicplinary artist my professional reading includes reading about music, writing, theatre, movement, and performance art. That makes for a lot of reading.

An issue that keeps coming up with much of this reading is the idea of specialization. Being a multidisciplinary artist I have mixed feelings about specialization in a creative practice. Continue reading

MA musings

I have promised numerous times since I started writing here post-MA to talk more about my degree. However, the time that has passed since my degree has been odd and quite trying. Upon completion of my MA I had all the best intentions of continuing to work on my show splanchnologies as well as revisiting my dissertation in the hopes of doing more research on liminality and performance and perhaps sending in some article proposals to various magazines. Continue reading