MA musings

I have promised numerous times since I started writing here post-MA to talk more about my degree. However, the time that has passed since my degree has been odd and quite trying. Upon completion of my MA I had all the best intentions of continuing to work on my show splanchnologies as well as revisiting my dissertation in the hopes of doing more research on liminality and performance and perhaps sending in some article proposals to various magazines. Continue reading

from airplane to bed to couch to hospital

I got out of a week’s stay at the hospital last Thursday. I have colitis in 60% of my colon, likely caused by the bacterial gut infection I picked up in the UK. If you’ve been keeping up with my very few posts, you’ll know I was still having “residual inflammation” from the infection and kept going back to the doctor but they wouldn’t give me anything for it. By the time it got bad enough that they wanted to send me to a specialist we were coming back here (and it was BAD by that point). Continue reading

MA work DONE!

I have finished my MA Project!!! splanchnologies went very well and I had an amazing team of people to help me with the work. Thank you thank you thank you to Verity, Olly, Tam, and especially Yula and Andy who performed in “tongues in 7.” Especially especially Andy who chauffeured me, gave great comments, and generally supported me through the whole thing. Continue reading