The Body Electric 2021 & 2022

My work was once again selected to appear in The Body Electric—an annual health and humanities exhibit that is part of the International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE).

Initially launched during the 2014 International Conference, The Body Electric uses art as a way to critically engage with medicine and healthcare. The Body Electric annual digital art exhibit showcases an inspiring selection of visual art, in a range of media, including photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and video.  

from The Body Electric website

One of this year’s themes was Art as Coping so I submitted three of my paresthesia symptomatology pieces:

I have created a series of embroideries exploring my invisible symptoms, stitching the sensations freehand as I experience them. This allows me to cope more easily with my symptoms, turning what is disturbing into a meditative art practice. These paresthesia pieces from my symptomatology series explore the neurological sensations of tingling. 

from my artist statement for the exhibit

There are always many excellent pieces submitted, so be sure to peruse the entire catalog online.

I also did an interview with Dr. Allison Crawford for the 5-year retrospective of The Body Electric in March 2021 since I participated in the 2014 and 2015 exhibits. Though the entire interview was shown as part of the conference last year, the public version has been edited down to just over five minutes.


And if you’d like to see the catalog for the retrospective, it’s also online.