weeks 5 & 6: colony, colony, colony

Last week was gloriously full. I got a lot of work done, but also had a lot of fun. susurrations sat for a few days, the Regina 60×60 event was fun and I met some great people, and the MidWinter SWG Salon was a great success and created more fans of Klingon Opera. Spent a lot of time with the fabulous Tracy Hamon. I didn’t get enough sleep, but I’m catching up.

It feels like things are flowing as they should at the moment and opportunities for collaborations and projects are coming up. These goal-setting posts are helping me to keep focussed on my work and what is important at the moment as opposed to becoming overwhelmed by what is in my calendar.

Goals of the Week – 2-8 February 2009
1. To prepare for the SWG colony at St. Pete’s
2. To complete susurrations and start on the grant report for it

Long-Term Goals
– susurrations out into the world
– splanchnologies as an object/performance piece
– New Music Ensemble in Saskatoon
– to have our housing clarified

Ongoing Projects
– susurrations
– splanchnologies
– potential collaborations: dance/voice piece in May, poems with paintings in June, website HR theatre

The most important thing I want to get done this week is to prepare for the SWG colony at St. Pete’s. There are set dates so I have no choice but to be prepared, and I am very excited about the work I plan to do there. I have enough time to prepare, even with the meetings and admin that I have in the works. I have the most energy for St. Pete’s as well. susurrations is so close to completion — just a few finishing touches and some administrative cleanup that I’d like to do this week, but it could potentially wait until I return.

The only issue I’m experiencing at the moment is the one of flux. I am completing a long project and starting on a number of new ones. However, this goal-setting, as I said above, helps keep things focussed and in perspective.

I won’t be blogging here next week because I’ll be at colony and hope to spend next to no time online. So, for week 6:

Goals of the Week – 9-15 February 2009
1. sort out & edit texts related to splanchnologies

see you on the 16th….