week 7: re-organization

A day late with this. I decided to take yesterday off as both E & J were home. Read. Spent most of the day in my pjs. Then went to my Modern Dance Technique class which revved me up for the rest of this week. J is off school all week so I think my goals—which are totally unformed in my head at the moment—will reflect that.

Report on week 5: I left for the SWG colony feeling completely prepared, and packing was easier than I thought. I didn’t, however, manage to finish susurrations that week. J had a flu for 2 days and things were busy with JackPine Press so susurrations got left to the side.

Report on week 6: Colony! ahhhh. Feeding chickadees that come sit on your hand, refuse the sunflower seeds, and instead go for the biggest piece of peanut! Bells tolling the hours, quiet work time, and camaraderie in the evenings and late into the night. I arrived on the Friday, and by Monday I had gathered together and arranged all my anatomy-based texts for a new poetry/performance text manuscript and also did the final finicky edits on susurrations. I spent a half-day not knowing what to do with myself, having accomplished that huge step, and then began editing. I also started reading Human Anatomy {From the Renaissance to the Digital Age} by Benjamin A. Rifkin, Michael J. Ackerman, and Judith Folkenberg. Very inspiring, connecting the lives and histories of the artists who illustrated anatomy books. I now have ideas for an opera….

And now I am in week 7. I’m going through the process of creating goals as I am typing this so it should be interesting….

Goals of the Week:17-22 February 2009
1. To re-organize myself in terms of what projects I have on my plate
2. To do my susurrations grant report (which includes getting it on to DVD)

Long-Term Goals
– to market susurrations
– to complete splanchnologies as a body of work that can be held & sold
– to create a New Music Ensemble in Saskatoon

Ongoing Projects
– susurrations
– collaborations: HR devising, poetry for paintings, voice/dance/movement piece, piano music for dance
– splanchnologies & all that that means

Most importantly I want to organize myself this week. I’m feeling like there’s a lot going on and in order to think clearly I need to get a handle on all of that. I actually don’t have a ton of time. Tomorrow I am teaching voice and yoga most of the day and Friday will be taken up by delivering Ed to colony. But I got a lot done today as far as organization goes, and I think more shall be done than I realize. I definitely have the most energy for organization, though it is a toss-up between project/admin organization and household organization (purging, planning, etc.). I’m doing a bit of both. I’m not sure if having too much on my plate is an ongoing problem, but I think it might be. I need to look at that…. closely.