60×60 Radio Request Extravaganza 2008

Please request my entry for this year’s 60×60 project today!

title of piece: interchange
composer: Lia Pas (that’s pronounced “pass” as in “pass the salt please!”)

During the show please call the Telephone Listener Line at (212) 854-9920
or email Robert.Voisey (at) gmail.com ahead of time.

For more information about WKCR, Afternoon New Music click here.

TUNE IN for our fifth Radio Request Extravaganza on “Afternoon New Music,” WKCR 89.9 FM in New York City.
Listen over the web at:

Composers, musicians, artists, and their fans will be calling in throughout the show to request to play submissions for this year’s 60×60 project.

We will have a discussion with composers on the project, introduce our new 60×60 CD (2006-2007), and play requests from our new batch of submissions.

The show will be hosted by Justin Goncalves and Anne Cammon on WKCR’s “Afternoon New Music.”

60×60 Radio Request Extravaganza
WKCR 89.9 FM
Wednesday June 25th, 2008
3:00-6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (USA)

Just in case you want to tune in on the Internet outside Eastern Standard Time (USA) use the following link to find out when to listen:

Last year’s show was amazing, so tune in for this year’s!

UPDATE @ 4pm: They played my piece. Yay! Those of you wondering more about this project can visit the Vox Novus website. I’ve also posted about my involvement in the 2007 60×60 project here, here, and here.