Webinar: The Invisible Made Visible

I’m teaching a free webinar with CHASE Medical Humanities in the UK on Thursday, 26 October 2023, 5:30pm UK time, 10:30 am SK time. I’ll be leading participants through my process for creating both the visual and textual aspects of my symptomatology pieces. I’m very excited about it!

You can register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-invisible-made-visible-a-visualization-writing-workshop-with-lia-pas-tickets-726765173197

An outline of a naked woman is embroidered on linen in the same bone white colour as the linen. She stands legs together, her right hand covering her groin, her left hand, palm up, extended slightly to her side. She looks to the right. Her entire body except for her belly is covered in intricate markings representing different neurological sensations. Her face is a mask of green lines, feathery grey lines cover her shoulders and chest. There is a thick band of intricate burgundy stitching around her waist. Her forearms and hands are covered in thick blue undulant lines. Her right leg has bands of burgundy along the muscles, with small dots around them. Her inner left leg has a thick line of blue running up it, with thin branches spreading towards her outer leg.

This webinar is open to all, not just people in CHASE institutions. For the institution question in the registration I usually put n/a, and my position as independent artist.

webinar description

The symptoms of chronic illness are often invisible and unmeasurable by those not experiencing them. In this workshop, Lia Pas will lead us through the process she uses to create her symptomatology embroideries. Using a combination of anatomy, collage, mark making, and visualization, we will create symptomatology maps to invite viewers to sense our own symptoms. We will then work with abstruse medical texts, reframing, rewriting, and reimagining their meanings via homophonic translation to further deepen the evocation of our symptoms.

Please have a printout of a full body, organ, or organs, coloured pens or pencils, and a printout of a paragraph related to your chosen images that uses dense scientific language. All visualizations will be done gently. If you are uncomfortable with body-based visualization, the exercises can be done focusing only on your hands. For this option your will need a tracing of your hand, and a paragraph about the hand from Gray’s Anatomy will be provided.