Sharp Notions pre-orders, news, & launches

The date of the official launch of Sharp Notions: Essays on the Stitching Life, approaches! It’s out on October 10th, but you can preorder it now. Pre-ordering has become very important in publishing, so doing so will help the longevity and success of the book. 

The book Sharp Notions: Essays from the Stitching Life featuring Lia’s lung embroidery on the pink cover. The Arsenal Pulp Press logo and "available October 10, 2023" are to the right of the book cover.

The anthology was also featured on both CBC and the Globe and Mail. To see the book cover featuring my art on these sites gives me such joy and satisfaction!

46 works of Canadian nonfiction to read in fall 2023 | CBC Books

Sixty-two books to read this fall – The Globe and Mail


Some in-person launches are happening in October as well:

October 18: A Sharp Notions Panel at Edmonton LitFest, 7pm. Tickets here.

October 26: Vancouver, Iron Dog Books, 7pm

October 28: Victoria, Beehive Wool Shop, 6pm

Also, contributor Jenny Judge is having an exhibition at the Craft Council of BC, opening night September 28. Details here:

Also, my friend, writer, and fellow chronically ill person, Kristin Houlihan, did a nice little write up about me and Sharp Notions in her most recent newsletter:

Sharp Notions is a collection of personal essays from diverse voices about their relationship to the fiber arts. The cover art is a piece of embroidery by my (also chronically ill) friend Lia Pas, who also contributed an essay about her approach to SciArt embroidery that is accompanied by images of some of her other pieces. Lia is a Canadian multidisciplinary creator-perfomer who has worked in the fields of music, writing, and performance.
She has a whole series of embroidery on ME/CFS symptomatology — I’m telling you, it’s worth your spoons to check it out. It’s a whole new area of illness-associate creativity for me and I’m just so impressed by what Lia can do!. Please consider preordering Sharp Notions to support Lia and the other contributors!

from Kristin houlihan’s Sept 2023 newsletter

Once again, please preorder and spread the news!