week 2, 2 goals

Last week I posted the following goals:

1. to stick with my new routine
2. to rehearse & record the music for “susurrations”
3. to register myself & J for classes
4. to make a rough edit of “susurrations”

And did pretty well accomplishing most of that.

1. to stick with my new routine
I did stick with my new routine, and it allowed me to get up and running easier than before. The one thing I need to keep in mind is to not let myself get sidetracked by email and facebook. I can so easily get sucked into those things and then half an hour disappears and I’m way off course. I’ve been a bit better about it since noticing that happening, but I really need to set up a system to deal with my email. A new goal perhaps?

2. to rehearse & record the music for “susurrations”
DONE! And it went extremely well. I intended the music to be four vocal tracks, but did two takes of the semi-improvised solo track and we listened to all five tracks together and wow! It works! There’s a bit of cleanup and editing to be done, and that is scheduled for next week so I’m feeling very good about that.

3. to register myself & J for classes
DONE! I’m registered for Modern Dance Technique and start tonight. J is registered for swimming, and his bass lessons are in the works.

4. to make a rough edit of “susurrations”
This did not go so well. I figured it would take me 2-4 hours and I ended up spending 4 hours figuring out why I could hear the audio (which I’m not using) but only get a black screen for the video. The video is in a format that Final Cut Pro can read but I have Final Cut Express at home. I’ve booked time in the editing suite at PAVED for tomorrow and will reformat it so I can actually do the edit.

NEW Goals for the week (12-18 January, 2009)
1. to make a rough edit of susurrations
2. to figure out how to deal with my email so it doesn’t take over my day

That’s it for this week. I have other things on my plate: Oshun House yoga classes started this week, and there is a JackPine Press launch on Friday that I’m hosting, now that I’m a member of the editoral collective (yay!). Reasonable goals, remember?

Long-Term Goals
– to finish & market susurrations
– to create a book/CD/DVD of splanchnologies
– to start a New Music ensemble in Saskatoon

(I listed these without looking back at last week’s list – glad to see they are the same!)

Ongoing Projects
– susurrations (the film)
– splanchnologies (of which susurrations is a part)


One interesting and synchronistic thing that happened this week is I read a post on Tim Ferris’ blog about “The Power of Less” that said to blog about one’s goals as a way of making sure one actually follows through with them. The author, Leo Babauta, also recommended checking email only twice a day, which may be the solution to goal #2 this week.