back to Canada

Less than one week until we leave the UK! We’ve been packing up our place, selling off a bunch of stuff and having rather busy social lives in preparation to leave. I’m done up at the college except for going up to use the internet and such. The main “and such” being waiting for my marks. I was told a couple weeks ago that they would be in on the 13th, so wisely went in on the 16th. Alas, the all-important conference of MA marks had yet to take place, so I will go back on the 19th in the hopes that it is all done. If not, I’ll just have to wait until they are sent to Canada!

The move seems easier this time, likely because we didn’t accumulate that much new stuff, not like we did in Japan! I did buy a few books and there was a lot of paper associated with my classes, but no funky toys, very few new clothes (and I got rid of a lot of old ones) and we don’t have to bring back any foodstuffs that we won’t be able to find in Canada—because we can find them in Canada!

Though I will miss my friends here, I know that it’s likely we’ll visit. Flights between Exeter and Toronto are not all that expensive. However, I don’t think I’ll miss living in the UK all that much. Lately I’ve been having issues with the health care system. I’ve been suffering from some post-infection (2 months post-infection!) gut inflammation that is rather worrying and they have only, in the past 2 weeks, taken it seriously enough to even mention the word “specialist.” They haven’t given me any medication or dietary advice. I’m not looking forward to travelling with not feeling well, but I am looking forward to travelling closer to a health care system that takes symptoms seriously!

Those of you still waiting for photos of my show will have to wait a bit longer – give me three weeks or so to get organized! My next post will be in Canada!