Merry Xmas from Devon!

Hello everyone – sorry I’ve been so bad at updating my blog! School is keeping me extremely busy but its going very very well. I got a great comments on my first paper (it was a pass/fail paper – no mark – and I definitely passed!). I’ve done a few small pieces – a vocal duet, a piece in progress tentatively titled “Vesailus States” which is currently a bunch of small parts and ideas that haven’t been completely formed but I’ve been performing bits of it because of needing something short to perform in my theatre labs.

Over the break I have a fair bit of work to do – a LOT of reading: some for my “Embodied Practices” theory class, and I also bought myself Marcel Merleau-Ponty’s “The Phenomenology of Perception” which I’m really looking forward to getting into. I’m currently reading “The Anatomy of Architecture”, recommended to me by my sister April (in architectural school). It has to do with a tribe in Africa whose houses are representative of human bodies – totally up my alley!

Ed, the killer of fleas, slugs and rats, has been doing well. He’s been keeping busy killing various beasties (there was only one rat that he had to poison), and then cooking. Not cooking the beasties, but cooking other stuff – foccacia, sushi, turkey curries. Plans for our xmas dinner include duck breast, carmelized root vegetables (I’ve even got him eating beets because they’re good for me!) and some warm rice salad with nuts. He’s also been doing some art, which he hasn’t had a chance to post to his blog yet!!!

Jarrod has continued to do well in school and is excelling at his classical guitar lessons! We’ve wanted to put him in some music lessons for awhile now, but have been unable to until this year. He’s really enjoying them, and has been reading a lot as well.

That’s it for now! I’ll possibly update again in January, but I’m not promising anything!