Week 8: balancing time

A day late again. Yesterday I did a lot of teaching and my car died a sad electrical death in the middle of a busy intersection. I think the teaching kept me sane, and the car is getting a new alternator today. The upside of all this is that I am house-bound today, which I think I really needed.

I managed one out of two of last week’s goals. I did re-organize myself in terms of the projects I have on my plate. Since then I’ve had two more collaborative opportunities come up, one of which I immediately agreed to, one of which I’m still waiting for more information on to make a clear decision. One of the things that helped me to organize myself was that I started to use the list-making program Things, which almost prioritizes tasks on its own! This means I spend less time fiddling with my lists and more time doing the tasks.

I did not manage to burn susurrations to DVD partially because of J being home and wanting to spend time with him, and also because Gilles let me know he did a bit more tweaking on the audio and that it sounds even better! I’m excited to hear it! I need to get my grant report done, but also need to finish paying everyone else for the work they did on the project in order to submit my budget.

So this week:

Goals of the Week – 23 February to 1 March 2009
1. To spend 1-2 hours daily on creative work
2. To burn susurrations to DVD
3. To complete all susurrations admin towards my grant report

Long-Term Goals
– to get susurrations out into the world (perhaps this is more short-term than long-term!)
– to create a New Music Ensemble in Saskatoon
– to create a sense of place/space for my life & work

Ongoing Projects
– susurrations
– splanchnologies
– music with freeflowdance
– anatomy ms.
– other collaborations in the works that are still in the initial planning phases so I can’t quite announce them publicly yet: poetry for paintings, HR web devising, voice/dance/movement structured improv, extended voice recording

The most important thing I want to get done this week is to have a balance between the creative work and the admin work. Most of my projects are at a point where they are either just starting, so are administrative, or are just ending, so are administrative. I have also realized just how many of these projects are performance-based, and, as I have always hoped it would, an ongoing physical/vocal practice is now of prime importance. I seem to have a fair bit of unstructured time this week, so it is up to me to structure is appropriately. I do have the most energy for organizing & figuring things out, and then just getting to work on it. Things is helping a lot.