Regina 60×60 concert – Jan 29, 2009

60x60 Regina

60x60 Regina

Thursday, January 29, 2009
the 60×60 project—Canadian Concert mix—is being presented at Bushwakker’s Brew Pub (2206 Dewdney Avenue) in Regina.
My piece interchange is part of the mix

To make the prairie performance of the mix a bit different from the other performances, the pieces will be diffused throughout the space.

The following is from organizer David Ogborn:

Diffusion is using a bunch of faders to control the way a stereo image appears in many distinct stereo speaker pairs arranged around the space. The gestures, shapes, evocations, etc. of the stereo recording are “expanded” spatially. It can be done in a very involved and challenging way, or in a less involved, more conservative way, i.e. finding a basic balance of speakers and making changes only to “catch” a few special moments in the underlying piece).

We are looking for volunteers to diffuse the pieces. There is some information and my contact info at

We have a dress rehearsal time from 1:30 PM until 4 PM on the day of the show (Thurs Jan 29). The only requirements are four fingers and two ears – they do not need to be musicians or sound artists; in fact, we have a number of “amateur” volunteers already and would love to have more!

I am actually doing an afternoon workshop on diffusion at the Fifth Parallel gallery at the U of Regina on Sat Jan 24th, which is by no means required for volunteers without diffusion experience, but may be interesting/helpful nonetheless. It’s at 2 PM, and again, anyone who is interested can contact me to through to register.