chapbook forthcoming

Ed and I are collaborating on a chapbook with Jackpine Press. The launch date is June 2008 and yes, there will be another reminder leading up to the launch. We’re really excited about this as we haven’t worked on a creative collaboration before and Jackpine is an excellent chapbook press. The working title is cryptic species. Ed has also posted about it here.

We’re also working on another collaboration which shall remain secret for the moment, though a few people have been let in on it.


Health Update: My health continues to improve. I had a bit of a scare a couple weeks ago and was rushed to hospital with chest pains but it seems it was a combination of acid reflux and anxiety. I’ve been to see my doctor a couple of times since and she has given me the OK to start exercising in earnest which means my cardio strength and stamina is improving and I can do sun series again! The worry before was that being so anemic I was at a risk for heart failure. I’m very very happy that is no longer an issue. As for the anxiety, I am going the counsellor/acupuncture route instead of taking an anti-depressant. Things have already improved since I’ve been able to exercise!