coming soon….

We’ve been madly packing & repacking & cleaning & doing more cleaning. I’m starting to feel a bit like Vasalisa with her impossible tasks. Perhaps Baba Yaga has given me a choice:

Here, sort these poppy seeds from this dirt before Thursday morning, or, (malicious cackle) fit all of you & your family’s belongings into 3 suitcases and 3 boxes – none of them can weigh more than 32 kg, and your husband’s bike counts as one item…

However, instead of being at home packing & cleaning & packing & cleaning, I am at work…I’m waiting for a couple of teachers to show up so I can ask them a few things, and on my lunch break I’ll go do my final bank transaction and get some edible gifts for the English teachers. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy and eat some lunch as well!

Enough with the packing news! I wanted to let you all know what I have planned for this blog.

– Over the past month I’ve taken numerous pictures of matcha (powdered green tea) flavoured snacks and plan to blog about each one of them. Most likely one per post. mmmmmm.

– Once we’re back in Canada I hope to update more regularly, and you’ll likely also hear about how my yoga practice is going, because I’ll have one!

– You’ll get to hear all about our adventures in the UK as well! Watch for those starting in late September or early October.

In not-my-blog-related news, my good friend Chris Cawthray has just released a new “CD” only available online here, and free for a limited time only! Cover art courtesy of Ed’s blog :).