week 14: continuation

Typing this from the couch on my new MacBook. I replaced my PowerBook G4 because the reed switch died and it wasn’t doing all I needed it to do anymore. I’m also typing from the couch because I have a chest cold. It hasn’t worn me out completely, but I’m being proactive and laying down at every opportunity.

Report on Week 13 Goals

1. Find movement artists & space for HR project
I did manage to get somewhere with finding some movement artists and space but didn’t hear back from enough people so am still working on that. It is challenging finding the right people for a project, but I’m sure I can find them, even if I need to chase them down a little. So I’ll be continuing with this goal.

2. Write/edit 3 more poems for Mantra project (with James Wyper)
Done! I’ve written 5/8 poems I want to write for the reading on the 17th. It’s going well 🙂

3. Daily voice/piano practice towards April salon in Regina
This was going very well, though with the start of this cold I didn’t practice on Friday last week. I’ll see how it goes this week.

I also was very strict with my working hours last week, which I think is why this cold hasn’t totally knocked me out. Eight hours of work on weekdays and that is it. This, though obvious, seems insanely simple, and I don’t know why I wasn’t doing it before. I am suspicious of my workaholic nature and of the workaholic nature of Ed as well. We are workaholics together, which can exacerbate the issue.

Goals for the Week: 7-13 April
1. Find movement artists for HR project
2. Complete poems for Mantra project
3. Daily music practice towards April salon
4. Stick to my routines & time limits as far as work is concerned

Ongoing Projects
– HR web project
– Mantra poems
– improv with Jaime Williams
– search for an admin assistant for myself
– Lib Lab application
– CC application
– susurrations dissemination
– music for free flow dance theatre

Long-Term Goals
– clear view of splanchnologies
– house/workspace in great shape
– figure out career trajectory