Totnes – Day 2 – Thursday, September 22, 2005

I had an amazing sleep last night, and either the homeopathic jet lag pills are working or else I’ve mostly adjusted to the time change already!

I spent most of the day exploring. Did some email at ‘The Red Wizard’ and tried to figure out how to log in to my blog. Couldn’t remember my login, but hopefully I’ll remedy that soon (and if you’re reading this, I have!)

I am really starting to figure out where things are now, and have figured out that I most definitely need a bike! Got a tip from the guy at the Red Wizard to look on the supermarket notice boards and found something that might work – need to call the person but I also need to ask the B&B guy how to use the phones here (though they may not be all that different).

I also went to the bike store and looked. Everything there is new but I need something quickly, so if the one ad doesn’t work out, I may buy something there.

The reason I need something quickly is that I walked to the college today. It is on the top of what we in Saskatchewan would term a mountain. It’s high, and fairly steep, and long. I timed my walk down and it was a half hour to the train station. Of course, this was me taking the proper route, which I didn’t do on the way there! I overshot a turnoff by a good kilometre. I also did not make the proper turn at the train station to follow the nice route along the river. On the way bck the route was lovely. Very lovely.

However, despite all the loveliness, my feet are not happy. It could be that I need some endurance, but it could also be that I did just too much walking! Ah well, bike shopping it is!