I was evil today :>

We’ve been busy packing & preparing to leave (14 more days!!!), so I’ve been even worse at posting than I was to begin with! I am very ready to be done with this job, and it is showing in strange little ways.

Today’s evil vignette:

Today Kyoto-sensei (that’s “vice-principal” in Japanese School Organization speak) posted the schedule for teachers who have to stay in the empty staff room during holiday times. Yep. One teacher has to stay in the empty staff room while other people go on holiday. Not that a lot of the teachers here really use their holiday time, but it does happen.

One of my supervisors was checking out the schedule when I walked by to get myself some tea (mmmmm. green tea. mmmmmm). He showed me when he was scheduled to sit in the empty office and when he wasn’t, but pointed out that for most of August he has to teach 5 classes a day: the “extra-curricular” (NOT the Canadian definition of extra-curricular” as in outside of anything you’d usually do in a classroom. This is a study more class) class that starts at 7:30 am, then all 4 periods in the morning.

After I shook my head and said that was just too much, he asked me what I would do this August back in Canada. I smiled and answered, “7-day weekends.”*

Once he realized what this meant he sighed and said that he wanted to be a teacher in Canada.

I am too evil. heh. :>

*N.B. The term “7-day weekends” is something that Ed has coined recently. He plans on posting about this, so I have to be un-evil and credit him with coming up with the idea. I mean, there’s evil, and then there’s evil**.

**Apparently I am more evil*** than I thought. Ed found the other evil link, and so I have to credit him with that too, because otherwise he will whine at me. (Well, he whined at me already, but hopefully all this crediting will stop him from whining so much).

***According to the above evil quiz, I am good. Does that make this whole post moot?