Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and all the other dad’s out there! As usual, I’m behind in sending out gifts. I usually (but not always) have them purchased by the date in question, but most times don’t send them off until after the date. This father’s day is no exception.

So, Dad, you will get your present in the mail sometime after I mail it this week. Hopefully it will get to Saskatoon before we do! However, since I have been empowered by the power of the blog, you get to see what I’m sending you!

Those of you who read my Friday in Kokura post know that I mentioned this present, and even though my dad already has one, I had to buy him another one because of what was written on it. The “thing” in question is a jimbe.

A jimbe is traditional Japanese men’s summer clothing. You often see men wearing them at festivals and such, and occasionally just around town. Ed wears his all summer. I do have some pictures of Ed in his jimbe, but in all of them he’s carrying copious amounts of camera equipment so you can’t really see the jimbe. I guess you’ll just have to put up with this cute picture of Jarrod in one of his jimbe at last year’s Tobata Gion. O no! The cuteness!

jarrod in a jimbe

As you can see, it’s a wrap-around shirt thing with matching shorts. Very comfy I’m told. You occasionally see women wearing them. I’ve tried Ed’s on but, as with much other traditional Japanese clothing, curvy hips and straight cut lines do not an elegant look make. No jimbe for me!

So, Dad, here are the pictures. First, the front:

jimbe front

Yes, your typical jimbe. Size LL because all the sizes are so small here! This one has the open-stitched armpits, for extra coolness! But o! There is a small logo on the chest. Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

jimbe front detail

ooo. natural power! excellent. For those of you who don’t know, my dad does T’ai Chi. When I saw the logo I thought, “Perfect! He’ll love this!” And then I turned it over…

jimbe back

Look at that! Even more writing! Very nicely done – looks a bit like a shop ad but still traditional looking. Let’s read it:

jimbe back detail

Yes! “Let’s cure disease with natural power.” I can’t argue with that. However, “The grand nature will relieve me a shortcut to relief.” sounds just a bit too much like an ad for a colonic or something. hee hee.

The Japanese is a little trickier. I had to get Jarrod’s help for most of it. “Ukiyoe” is Japanese style ink-block printing, and the large blue kanji, pronounced “nagareru ” means “flowing water.” The white kanji on the left is “wagakuwafuku” (we think). With the help of Ed’s internet research:

wagaku = Japanese music OR peace & harmony
wafuku = Japanese clothing

So, to paraphrase:

“While wearing this piece of Japanese clothing printed in a traditional ink block style, you will have peace and harmony, it will cure disease and is a shortcut to relief, all through natural power coursing through the garment like flowing water.”

So, Dad, I hope you enjoy your gift when it gets there, and remember, it is a shortcut to relief.