Why blog?

Okay – I’ve started a blog. I’ve resisted for a long time for numerous reasons, all of which have become excuses rather than real reasons. In no particular order my resistances were:

– I didn’t have time
– Ed told me I should start one
– I had enough writing a day with my journalling practice
– I didn’t think people wanted to hear me ranting

However, over the past few weeks, small seeds of ideas have come to me and I have thought, “Where would I write such things?” and the answer was always “In a blog of course!”

So here it is. I am making no promises to be as regular (or as addicted) to blogging as Ed is, all I can promise is that I’ll write some stuff and you can read it and comment as you like.

For those of you who I’ve been out of touch with for awhile, here’s my current situation:

– I’m living in Japan and “teaching” English as a Foreign Language.
– In the past two years I’ve been seen wearing suits and other business attire more often than I would like to admit.
– I am even more addicted to green tea than I was when I first got here.
– I’ll be returning to Canada late July.
– I’m thinking about arranging a reading while I’m in Saskatoon this summer.
– I’m still doing yoga, though it has become more therapy and survival technique than a source for deepening my relationship to the divine.
– We’ll be moving to the UK this fall.
– I’ll be doing an MA in Devised Theatre at Dartington College of Arts in Devon.
– I’ll be much more sane (whatever that means) once I leave Japan.

A note on my blog title: yoga, sencha (Japanese green tea) and dragon pearls (jasmine rolled into little balls that you can brew into tea) are the three things that hold me together at the moment…it seemed appropriate! Other titles that almost made it to the top were: blogua lingua, blogasana and oolong green.

That’s all I’m going to say for now. More to follow in due course…