Voicing Workshops

If you would like up-to-date information regarding Voicing workshops please contact me via the contact form link above and I will put you on my email events list.

The Voicing Workshops are designed to help you enhance the range, depth, power and resonance of your voice. Using games, exercises, text, movement, improvisation, and song, these workshops are recommended for everyone interested in singing, acting, public speaking, or just being comfortable with your voice and how you use it.

Lia’s voice teaching is based on her performance and composition work as well as her experiences studying Roy Hart Voice Work, a technique which connects the body, the voice, and the psyche in a healthy and holistic manner. These classes are geared towards adults at all levels of voice experience, from beginners to professional singers, actors, and speakers.

NOTE: Please dress in warm, comfortable movement clothing. No jeans please.

Testimonials from past participants:

Through her Voicing classes and private singing lessons, Lia has given me the confidence to explore and experience my voice in a totally new way. Her Voicing classes were both a revelation and a joy. Whether you are an amateur with no experience or a professional vocalist, Lia’s unique and artful approach to teaching will coax you to relax and expand your vocal range beyond what you thought possible. Despite being a complete novice, Voicing inspired me to pursue private lessons. Lia is teaching me not only how use my voice, but also how to listen to music and sound with a keener, wiser ear.
– Betsy Rosenwald, visual artist

A tree’s roots grow patiently underground in order for its fruit to show.  Lia’s teaching method works with the roots of human voice and authentic tone. The surprising possibilities found in the voice are the fruit.
– Jody Giesbrecht, musician

Voice and breath are easy things to take for granted. They’re just there and they either work or they don’t. Lia Pas knows how to help you dive below the surface to make the most of what you have – strengthening both your presence and your delivery.
– Patricia Katz, HR consultant

About Lia Pas
Lia Pas is a multi-disciplinary performing artist, composer, writer and yoga and voice instructor currently living in Saskatoon. In 2006 she completed her M.A. in Devised Theatre at Dartington College of Arts (UK) and has a B.F.A. Hon. Mus. from York University (Toronto, 1995), where she majored in improvisation, composition and Karnatak (South Indian) singing. She has continued her professional development in voice with Richard Armstrong and Enrique Pardo of the Roy Hart Theatre working with the voice in both a sung and a theatrical capacity. She directed the Mysterium Choir in 2010-2011 and was a member of the Roy Hart-trained KTRE under the direction of Floris Schönfeld and Thomas Johanssen in 2008. She taught regular Voicing Classes at Free Flow Dance Studio from 2007-2012 and has worked as a composer and performer with Free Flow Dance Theatre. She is currently working on a book of poetry, performance scores, and biofictions on the theme of anatomy.